Where I’ve Been

Orange = visited
Grey = coming soon!

7 Comments on “Where I’ve Been”

      • Sounds great! I have many recommendations regarding good islands, but it depends heavily on your budget. I suggest you have a look around my blog to find information. There are not many attractions to visit as you will be stuck on a tiny island; the main attraction in the Maldives is the underwater world. My number 1 tip is therefore to find an island with a great reef. Have a look at this article: http://maldivesdreamer.com/2014/01/09/snorkeling-in-the-maldives/

        Do you know which island you’ll be visiting?

      • I will be staying at the Taj Exotica I think, when I go, as I have credit with their hotel chain and they give me good discounts and such. They are pretty close to Male Int’l Airport from my understanding.

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