Your girl in the air is Suzanne Borders, a well-traveled 33 year old, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Spotting giraffes in the Serengeti National Park, Kenya.

Spotting giraffes in the Serengeti National Park, Kenya.

With 52 different countries, 5 continents and 100,000 miles flown in 2013 alone (and over 400,000 since 2009), Suzanne is the person you want to ask if you’re planning on hopping a plane to any far flung area of the world. Originally hailing from Kansas City, MO, her nomadic life has taken her around the world, with extended stays in Kansas City, Seattle, Las Cruces, and her current home of Los Angeles, CA. Suzanne was there when the Egyptian revolution began in January of 2011, was in Kiev during the fires in the exclusion zone in August of 2010, and barely missed getting trapped in the Nairobi Westgate Mall shooting in September 2013. She’s visited Chernobyl once, the pyramids 4 times, the Taj Mahal more times than she can count. She’s known by many air hostesses on United Airlines (of which she’s a Premier 1K Mileage Plus member) and has friends spanning the globe.

36 Comments on “About”

    • Awww well I hope you can travel more!! Sending good travel vibes your way 😉 if you head to Asia the chances of us running into each other raise dramatically since I mainly travel to Asia and in particular India. Stay in touch!

  1. I would love to get some tips from you before I plan my trip to asia, I am based in Los Angeles, where do you live currently.

    • I am based in LA as well! Where are you heading in Asia?? It’s quite a large continent….I can most definitely recommend places to see in various different countries. I recommend too checking out my guide to Angkor Wat that I have posted on this blog, and I will try to put up some info about Thailand and Indonesia as well… 🙂

      • I work in dtla and I drive by china town everyday wondering if I can ever visit china, how is your experience in china.

      • I love Hong Kong and I am not so much a fan of the mainland. Not only are visas harder to get, but the pollution in the cities is pretty bad. There are definitely amazing things to see on the mainland, don’t get me wrong, and I love the huge cities and the Forbidden Palace and all that but my favorite will always be Hong Kong and with it’s history of British rule, and more lax visa procedures (you don’t need a visa as an American) it’s just an easier way to ease into China…plus Macau is close by and it’s the Vegas of China and definitely worth a visit!

    • Gusty? Lol I don’t know how it’s gutsy…love is love ya know…comes in all shapes and sizes and it happens around the world. Plus I don’t generally date people with the intention or desire to be together forever in a boring stable relationship. I like adventure and I like independence so it worked well, and provided me with both. 🙂

  2. But some day you will get married have children and be in a stable/ boring relationship, how will you travel around the world then!

    • Well maybe I won’t. There’s no law that says I have to. But if I do decide to do that then at least I won’t have wasted my entire life prior to that point being in boring stable relationships for no reason at all.

  3. I would like to meet you in person since we are both in la and get some personal tips about flights and Asia.

  4. I love your website and all of your travel stories. I have great memories of the times we’ve shared together in Kansas City, and I hope that we will share more time together in the future. Please continue to send me postcards of your travels, as I will treasure them forever.

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