#Occupy Central

Hello readers!

Stay tuned for my coverage of #occupycentral. I will be in Hong Kong interviewing protestors and gathering information for an article.

If anyone has any contacts who wish to speak to the media about their experiences and motivations, please have them contact me: blackwidowkc@gmail.com.

Or follow my Twitter: @dameonaplane.

To all the protestors: STAY STRONG!


To Listen: The End” by The Doors

(Title image copyright Suzanne Borders; do not use without permission, thank you!)

2 Comments on “#Occupy Central”

  1. Sundays are housekeepers day off; usually Filipino or other SEA ladies, they bring out blankets, food, movies, games, etc and have their social time on the sidewalks all throughout the city. I’m curious to know if any of them, or other members of the marginalized working class/immigrants, are joining in the protests or staying out of it as to not attract attention. Let us know what you find. Be safe, intrepid reporter.

    • Yes! There were MANY ethnicities involved in the protests, not just Chinese! Filipinos, Indians (another large ethnic minority), White residents (mostly British), as well as Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, and a large group of Taiwanese also flew in from Taiwan and got involved in the sit-in. The looky-los were (are) mostly Western Media people from USA, Canada, Russia, Europe. Almost every resident who came ended up becoming involved.

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