Cairo, Egypt from the Pyramisa Hotel

The city of Cairo, Egypt from my hotel room at the Pyramisa Hotel in downtown Cairo. This was shot in January of 2011, just before protests rocked the nation and changed the course of Egyptian history forever. And yes, I was there when that happened, and I will blog about the entire experience (including US […]

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Driving on the Roof of the World (Leh, India)

Driving along National Highway 1D right outside of Leh, India (in Kashmir). Half of the year these roads are closed due to extreme snowfall, as they pass right through the highest parts of the Himalayan Mountains. The roads are maintained by the Borders Road Organization (BRO) and it’s actually really hilarious because every sign alongside the […]

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Jaipur By Tuk-Tuk

A video I shot while riding around Jaipur last winter in a tuk-tuk, so you can get an idea of what it’s like on the streets of Jaipur, India.

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