A Revolution of Dignity (Kiev, Ukraine)

Hello again! The second piece regarding my trip to Ukraine and my visit to the Ukrainian protestors camped out on the Maidan can be found here. Please take a moment out of your day to give it a read and a share. It’s provides a perspective on the Ukrainian situation that most people in America […]

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The Maidan (Kiev, Ukraine)

The last time I visited Kiev was back in the summer of 2010, and it was blisteringly hot, full of packs of wild dogs, gypsy cabs, and general wackiness. Landing on a plane from Budapest on ’10, we exited the aircraft directly onto the tarmac and were shuttled through a very simple terminal, into a […]

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Just an update…

I’m in Ukraine now and things are fine. I’ve had a grand adventure traveling all over India and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (helloooo Kazakhstan!). I will update my blog with new photos and videos and stories soon. But just a side note: I’m staying about 4 blocks from the Maidan and everything is fine. […]

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